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locoman, n.1

Inflections:   Plural locomen.
Forms:  17 lockoman, 17 20– locoman. (Show Less)
Frequency (in current use): 
Origin: Of uncertain origin. Etymon: man n.1
Etymology: < an element of uncertain origin (perhaps compare Aku ológu sorcerer) + man n.1
Aku is a variety of Krio.
hist. rare.

  In Suriname: a man regarded as a clairvoyant or sorcerer.

1796   J. G. Stedman Narr. Exped. Surinam II. xxvi. 262   Their Locomen, or pretended prophets, find their interest in encouraging this superstition by selling them obias or amulets.
1796   J. G. Stedman Narr. Exped. Surinam II. xxix. 359   A locko-man, or sorcerer.
2005   O. A. Jumal Spiritual Shackles xxiii. 150   Locomen, prophets who claim clairvoyance, tossed animal bones from magical gourds, reading the scattered patterns to gain a glimpse into tomorrow.

1796—2005(Hide quotations)


This entry has been updated (OED Third Edition, March 2012).