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† Cherokee, v.

Frequency (in current use): 
Origin: Formed within English, by conversion. Etymon: Cherokee n.
Etymology: < Cherokee n., with reference to a hairstyle associated with Cherokee women.
Compare the following late 18th-cent. passage, describing a hairstyle of indigenous women in a region also inhabited by the Cherokee:
1791   W. Bartram Trav. N. & S. Carolina iv. iii. 503   They never cut their hair, but plait it in wreathes, which is turned up, and fastened on the crown, with a silver broach, forming a wreathed top-knot.
U.S. Obsolete.

  transitive. To arrange (the hair) in a style associated with Cherokee women.

1765   H. Bouquet Let. 24 Jan. in Papers Henry Bouquet (1994) VI. 749   Married Ladies at New York go constantly to the assembly, and the Girls don't Cherakee their hair.
1771   Massachusetts Spy 1 Mar.   An old fashioned lady, with a foretop of hair Cherokeed to imitate the Indian dress.
1779   U.S. Mag. July 308/1   Does not your hair cherokee'd, toupeed, raised in form of a pyramid.., or loosely flowing on the shoulders, revolve thro' as varied a whimsicality of modes as any females on the continent?

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