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energy vampire, n.

Frequency (in current use): 
Origin: Formed within English, by compounding. Etymons: energy n., vampire n.

 1. Science Fiction. A being which feeds on energy (in various senses).

1967   C. Wilson Mind Parasites 65   So long as he [i.e. man] is unaware of them, they can feed on him like vampires, sucking away his energy... For more than two centuries now, the human mind has been constantly a prey to these energy vampires.
1989   B. J. Frost Monster with Thousand Faces i. 105   The threat to human survival is posed by energy vampires from a remote planet.
1997   S. J. Bounds Best of S. J. Bounds (2003) II. 109   ‘We seem to be losing energy through the hull... Something outside is draining our nuclear energy...’ ‘Full power... Outrun it..!’ The ship continued on its path.., pursued by the energy vampire.

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 2. A person regarded as one who drains enthusiasm and emotional or mental energy from others, esp. by demanding a great deal of attention or care. Also used of an emotion, situation, task, etc.

1976   Sun (Baltimore) 18 July d5/2   All of us have experienced the sensation of being around a person who..has sucked our strength, absorbed our energy for his own use. This person..is an energy vampire.
2003   F. Hewitt & L. Hewitt Power of Focus for Women 193   Those energy vampires—guilt, worry and resentment.
2013   J. Denker By Design viii. 76   It didn't take long for Emmie to realize Juliet was an energy vampire, sucking the life out of a person when she wanted something.

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 3. Chiefly U.S. A source of energy inefficiency; esp. a device which continues to use significant amounts of electricity when switched off or in standby mode.

1993   Pop. Sci. Feb. 42/1   Fireplaces..have a nasty habit of sucking heat out of a room... But a new generation of hybrid hearths is putting a damper on the home's most attractive energy vampire.
2000   Contra Costa (Calif.) Times (Nexis) 20 Oct. a12   These energy vampires consume 10 percent of the electricity in the average..household.
2018   Dayton Daily News (Ohio) (Nexis) 8 Jan. sb2   The good news is you can take a few steps to vanquish these energy vampires... Get a better thermostat [etc.].

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