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† ˈenemylike, adj. and adv.

Forms:  Also ME enemylich.(Show Less)
 A. adj.

  Resembling an enemy; having the bearing or disposition of an enemy.

1561   T. Norton tr. J. Calvin Inst. Christian Relig. iv. f. 166   To be caried with an enemylike mynd against his aduersarie.
1623   J. Bingham tr. Xenophon Hist. 7   As for Cyrus, where he is..an enemie, no man more sowre, nor more enemie-like.

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 B. adv.

  After the manner of an enemy; as an enemy does.

1382   Bible (Wycliffite, E.V.) Num. xxv. 18   The Madianytees..enemylich han doo aȝeyns ȝow.
1561   T. Norton tr. J. Calvin Inst. Christian Relig. (1634) iv. xx. 739   To defend with warre the dominions committed to their charge, if at any time they be enemy-like assailed.
1631   W. Gouge Gods Three Arrowes iii. ii. 183   They were the first that enemie-like set upon Israel.
1651   J. Howell S.P.Q.V. 178   But whether he is to be acknowledg'd as a Father, who enemy-like robs his children, judge you.

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