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† energate, v.

Origin: Formed within English, by derivation. Etymons: energy n., -ate suffix3.
Etymology: < energ- (in energy n.) + -ate suffix3.
Obsolete. rare.

  transitive. To give force or efficacy to. Cf. energy n. 2b.

1647   M. Hudson Divine Right Govt. ii. x. 152   Religion must be the foundation of all Policy..cementing all societies, and energating all lawes.
1680   R. Constable God & King 31   Salus populi can never be effected or energated by any other means, but those which in the first place do effectuate and energate the Kings honour.

1647—1680(Hide quotations)


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    This entry has been updated (OED Third Edition, June 2018).