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energizing, adj.

Frequency (in current use): 
Origin: Formed within English, by derivation. Etymons: energize v., -ing suffix2.

 1. Chiefly Philosophy and Theology. That engages in work or activity; that is in active operation. Now rare.With quot. 1751   cf. energy n. 3c, energizer n. 1.

1751   J. Harris Hermes i. ix. 173   As all Energies are Attributes, they have reference of course to certain energizing Substances.
1797   J. Gillies in tr. Aristotle Ethics & Politics I. 134   The energising principle, which, when unceasingly active,..is simple, unmixed, and pure energy.
1849   C. Stovel Canne's Necessitie of Separation Introd. p. xxi   A practical and energizing spirit breathes through them all [sc. Canne's writings].
1905   E. L. Powell Victory of Faith i. 17   This faith in Jesus..is an overcoming faith—a conquering faith—and hence an active, working, energizing principle.
1989   G. A. Maloney Why not become totally Fire? vii. 45   Such an energizing God is far from a static, perfect, unchangeable deity.

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 2. Originally: that causes someone or something to engage in work or activity; that rouses or inspires someone to action. Now chiefly: that supplies energy (in various senses); esp. that fills someone or something with vigour, dynamism, or enthusiasm; invigorating, vitalizing; stimulating, exciting.

1786   S. Horsley Serm. Sons Clergy 16   To taste those nobler ecstasies of energising Love.
1812   T. Busby in Genuine Rejected Addr. Drury-lane Theatre 28   When energizing objects men pursue, What are the prodigies they cannot do?
1863   J. D. Dana Man. Geol. 743   The energizing light of the sun shining on the earth.
1917   Louisiana Planter & Sugar Manufacturer 30 June 411/2   It is very energizing and has a high food value.
1957   A. C. Baines Woodwind Instruments & their Hist. i. 36   The reed..springs open for a brief instant to communicate an energizing stab of breath-pressure.
1996   L. Chamberlain tr. Nietzsche in Nietzsche in Turin ii. 44   It's the air that does it—dry, energizing, jolly.
2016   Advertiser (Adelaide) (Nexis) (BodySoulSA ed.) 20 Mar. 10   It's hard getting to the gym when you're a mum so here's an energising workout where your bub gets to join in.

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 3. That supplies a device, machine, etc., with energy, esp. in the form of electricity, and thereby causes it (to begin) to operate.

1884   C. Cummings U.S. Patent 306,225 2/2   An electro-magnet having separate energizing-coils of different resistances.
1924   Trans. Amer. Inst. Electr. Engineers 43 803/2   Its energizing circuit is partially short-circuited when the contact of the relay circuit is closed.
1958   M. Schwarzschild Struct. & Evol. Stars vii. 242   If there exists under special circumstances an energizing mechanism..which is stronger than the damping mechanisms, the pulsations will not be damped.
2013   A. Waygood Introd. Electr. Sci. x. 85/1   Since it is necessary to pass the energising current in the opposite direction to the cell's de-energising current, the battery charger must be connected with great care.

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This entry has been updated (OED Third Edition, June 2018).