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energeticism, n.

Frequency (in current use): 
Origin: Formed within English, by derivation. Etymons: energetic adj., -ism suffix.
Etymology: < energetic adj. + -ism suffix.
In sense 2   after German Energismus (see energism n.); compare slightly earlier energism n. 2   and slightly later energeticist n. 2.

 1. The quality or condition of being energetic. rare.

1891   N.Y. Recorder 11 Oct. 20/2   So impressed..were they by the marvelous achievements of the tireless energeticism, that invariably they conceded his points for the time being.
1942   C. Bragdon Arch Lectures viii. 103   The skyscraper is..a symbol of the American spirit—that ruthless, tireless, assured energeticism delightedly proclaiming, ‘What a great boy am I!’
2003   Jrnl. Amer. Soc. Psychical Res. 97 165   This [common] factor was tentatively called energeticism because we felt that an energetic person was not only fresh and fit, but would also be mentally ‘charged’ for the psi task as indicated by attentiveness and confidence.

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 2. orig. and chiefly Physics. The doctrine or theory that changes in energy form the basis of all physical phenomena, and that energy is the fundamental constituent of the universe. Now hist.This theory, advocated as an alternative to atomic theory, is chiefly associated with the German physical chemist Wilhelm Ostwald (1853–1932). Even after abandoning energeticism as a scientific hypothesis, Ostwald continued to advocate it as a general metaphysical theory.

[1908   P. Carus in Monist 18 40   Ostwald is a monist,..but his monism consists in an omni-energeticism.]
1908   J. B. Burke in Oxf. & Cambr. Rev. Michaelmas Term 92   It appears that energeticism destroys matter and reduces everything to energy.
1915   Eccl. Rev. Jan. 41   If he [sc. the student] is to discuss intelligently atomism, energeticism, mechanicism, which claim to be the real philosophy of matter.
1999   A. Reisinger tr. E. Klein & M. Lachièze-Rey Quest for Unity i. 4   The school of energeticism, promoted by Wilhelm Ostwald..and others, was a bona fide monistic metaphysics based on rejecting the concept of atom.
2013   Isis 104 522   Phenomenology..posed as great a threat to his atomic doctrines as energeticism.

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