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dildock, n.2

Forms:  19– dildock, 19– dilldock. Also with capital initial.(Show Less)
Frequency (in current use): 
Origin: From a proper name. Etymon: proper name Dildock.
Etymology: < Opie Dildock, the name of a cartoon character (compare quot. 1907; subsequently also used for other fictional characters), with punning reference to opodeldoc n. (compare dildock n.1).
In later use perhaps also influenced by dildo n.1
Compare also earlier O.P. Dildock, the pseudonym of various writers, e.g.:
1866   Southerner (Tarboro, N. Carolina) 22 Sept. 2/3   ‘Aces don't win’ Yourn Freekintly, O.P. Dildock.
1879   Burlington (Iowa) Daily Hawk-eye 15 June   His girl is spooning with another fellow.—O. P. Dildock in Toronto Gossiper.
U.S. slang. Now somewhat dated.

  A stupid person, esp. a boy or man; an idiot, a fool. Often in dopey dildock, dizzy dildock (sometimes with capital initials). Also as a name for such a person. Cf. dildo n.1 2.Originally as Opie Dildock, the name of a fictional character: see quot. 1907.

[1907   Chicago Sunday Tribune 1 Dec. iv. (comic section)   Old Opie-Dilldock's Stories... The..woman unbolted the door and with a gladsome cry of ‘Oh! it's Opie Dilldock.’]
1935   Galveston (Texas) Daily News 6 Oct. Comics section (cartoon caption)    I'm goin' to put all my money in land... You'd be a Dopey Dildock to do that!
1945   Best from Yank 163   I know you never try to push yourself ahead, you dildock, so when we got to talking I tried to put in a good word for you.
1964   Lowell (Mass.) Sun 25 Nov. 38 (cartoon caption)    Expecting Prince Charming... and in walks Dizzy Dildock.
1973   Sporting News (St. Louis, Missouri) 1 Sept. 46/1   Of all the Dopey Dildock moves in professional sport, the conversion of the Ottawa Nationals into the Toronto Toros [was the most bone-headed].
1993   in J. E. Lighter Hist. Dict. Amer. Slang (1994) I. 592/1   [N.Y. woman, age ca 55] A dopey dildock was a goofy person. That was a teen expression around 1950.
2000   M. Frost Why Me? iv. 22   I suddenly remembered the discomfiture of that dilldock 2nd Lieutenant when I challenged him at the Guard Gate.

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