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† dildock, n.1

Frequency (in current use): 
Origin: Formed within English, by clipping or shortening. Etymon: opodeldoc n.
Etymology: Shortened < opodildock, variant of opodeldoc n., apparently with reanalysis of the word as an English compound, perhaps by analogy with opobalsam n.
The ending may have been remodelled after -ock suffix.
Compare later dildock n.2   and the discussion at that entry.
Obsolete (U.S. colloq. and regional in later use).

  A liquid used for rubbing on the body to relieve pain; a liniment, an embrocation; = opodeldoc n. 2.

1770   M. Page Invoice 15 Feb. in F. Mason John Norton & Sons (1968) 126   Physick Bill... 1 Qrt. Opr. Dildock.
1825   I. Babcock Let. 29 Jan. in A. E. Babcock Isaiah Babcock, Sr. (1903) 17   She has had considerable fever. I got some powder for it. I got a fial of dildock and rubt that on.
1887   Connersville (Indiana) Times 2 Mar. 5/   The druggist's peculiar orders... [We get asked for] spit and turkletine, for spirits of turpentine;..hope and dildock, for opodeldoc.

This is a new entry (OED Third Edition, June 2018).