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titty-totty, adj. (and n.)

Origin: A variant or alteration of another lexical item. Etymon: titty adj.
Etymology: Reduplication (with vowel variation) of titty adj., perhaps after titter-totter n.
Compare later totty adj.1   and earlier totty n.
English regional (chiefly East Anglian).

  Very small; extremely tiny. Also as n.: something which is very small.

a1825   R. Forby Vocab. E. Anglia (1830)    Titty, titty-totty, very small; tiny.
1893   H. T. Cozens-Hardy Broad Norfolk (Eastern Daily Press) 56   Titty totty, extremely tiny.
1943   J. W. Day Farming Adventure v. 62   He hed a little owd titty-totty boy from Tollesbury as a hand—a furriner!
1970   Morning Star 28 Mar. 2/8   It is a titty-totty of a tree, a crab apple, a tree nonetheless.
2012   @lornarichardson 1 Nov. in twitter.com (O.E.D. Archive)    Look at the titty-totty hedgehog we found.., photo is crap, I know, but it was so tiny!

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This entry has been updated (OED Third Edition, March 2019).