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translocality, n.

Origin: Formed within English, by derivation. Etymons: translocal adj., -ity suffix.

 1. The quality or state of being translocal.

1977   Jrnl. Aesthetics & Art Crit. 36 64/1   The peculiar sensibility of the artist..is made available only in the translocal visual phenomenon which is the work of art, and that translocality..must inevitably involve the recognition of a relation among visual elements.
1997   Jrnl. Relig. in Afr. 27 137   They offer the individual the means and the techniques to create a subject identity that fits the condition of translocality—of not being part of a geographically fixed community.
2003   A. Fung in C.-C. Lee Chinese Media, Global Contexts xiii. 252   This chapter analyzes the transformation of Lau from a local celebrity to a..pan-Chinese icon, a process that..recreates him as a cultural-commercial symbol of translocality.
2018   F. Declich Translocal Connections across Indian Ocean 9   Translocality may be motivated by..economic drivers such as work and trade..that oblige people to live in mobility.

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 2. As a count noun: a geographical area characterized by an ethnically diverse, highly mobile, or migrant population, which forms a conduit for contact between disparate cultures.

1995   Current Anthropol. 36 684/2   Appadurai's paper examined the challenge to the isomorphism of people, territory, and legitimate sovereignty constituted by ‘translocalities’.
1999   A. H. Mirfakhraie Transmigration & Identity Constr. (M.A. thesis, Simon Fraser Univ.) iv. 111   In many translocalities such as Vancouver and Toronto..Iranian identity is both a national and an ethnic identity.
2012   D. Mckay Global Filipinos 202   In a translocality, locals mix with circulating populations.

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