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MacGyver, v.

Forms:  19– MacGyver, 20– Macgyver. (Show Less)
Origin: From a proper name. Etymon: proper name MacGyver.
Etymology: < the name of Angus MacGyver, a resourceful secret agent featured as the lead character in the U.S. television series MacGyver (1985–92).
U.S. colloquial.

  transitive. To construct, fix, or modify (something) in an improvised or inventive way, typically by making use of whatever items are at hand; to adapt expediently or ingeniously. Also with together, up.

1992   Sci. Teacher Jan. 67/2   The students usually had the materials on hand for their designs, but I secretly hoped we would have to spend a little more time ‘MacGyvering’ the materials.
2000   Ottawa Citizen (Nexis) 29 Jan. l5   He MacGyvered together a very creative temporary solution—using a screwdriver and a plastic twist-tie, he wedged the alternator in place, and, amazingly, it worked.
2011   R. Bradley & K. Maurer Lions of Kandahar viii. 97   Most conventional combat units had..an onboard tracking system... I had to MacGyver one out of my laptop, a GPS, and some scrap metal.

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  MacˈGyvered adj.

2006   Surface Fabrication Nov. 98/2   Don't waste time and resources on an unnecessarily complex program, but allow room to grow and avoid creating Macgyvered systems with unsupported parts that may conflict with newer software.
2016   Mercury News (Calif.) (Nexis) 29 June   Head to Wine Shine for fruit brandy and grain spirits, concocted in a pot still and a MacGyvered Fujifilm canister reflux still (yes, really).

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